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iUniverse Author David George Ball

iUniverse Reviews David George Ball iUniverse reviews asks what makes a great memoir? There are as many ways to write a great life story as there are ways to live a great life. Some of the best reads are about people who made important contributions you didn’t appreciate until they shared their story.

They can offer the kind of insight which reminds us that every action has an effect, even large changes can result from lives touched by seemingly casual encounters.

An important aspect of well written memoirs is sharing with the reader the importance of what initially seem to be insignificant encounters in life and connecting the dots for the readers. An effective biography exposes the critical junctures in a writer’s life, and gives them impact.

iUniverse self-published author David George Ball says


iUniverse Advice: Your Tribe Awaits at Amazon

iUniverse | How to Find your TribeiUniverse advises that in self-publishing, the key word is self. An indie author can’t afford to simply publish a book, kick back, and wait for the world to take notice. Like tribes in the deep jungle untouched by the outside world, your fans await, but they must be found.

Like an intrepid anthropologist, you must conduct extensive research before you amble into the world wide jungle. You want to meet the friendly natives, whose language you know, not the head hunters with whom you share no common ground.

Book marketing guru Seth Godin explains that 1000 true fans will keep you in business much longer than 10,000 fair weather fans. These he refers to as your tribe.

Think Like a Tracker

To find your tribe you must think like one. Successful trackers don’t stagger aimlessly around in the woods armed to the teeth. They know where the quarry is likely to be and they go there and wait.

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iUniverse Publishing: Part of the successful revolution!

iUniverse presents-The Gutenberg PressiUniverse blog recently read an article by Penny C. Sansevieri, CEO and founder of Author Marketing Experts, Inc, that takes a unbiased view of the past, current and future state of the publishing industry, and in particular, self-publishing; as an essential, major component in this digital age. So we thought we should give you, our authors and aspiring authors, an opportunity to see the article, warts and all; also to see if we could get a debate going amongst you, our author community.

Here is an extract:-

“Sometimes great ideas and trends start with a wave so big, they are hard to ignore. For others they begin almost unnoticed and go by for years, virtually undetected until suddenly they are not only part of our lives, but part of our culture.

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iUniverse author Darryl L. Lacy, wins 2013 NAACP Award for Outstanding Literary Work

iUniverse debut self-published author, Darryl L. Lacy, wins 2013 NAACP Award for Outstanding Literary Work, Debut Author for “Nikki G, A Portrait of Nikki Giovanni in Her Own Words.”This is a tremendous achievement to win this extremely prestigious award, primarily for the author but also for self-publishing in general and iUniverse.

About the Book

This book is actually the script of author Darryl Lacy,s play about the writer/poet Nikki Giovanni. Nikki, (aka Yolande Cornelia Giovanni Jr) is also an eminent commentator, educator and activist. She has been writing since the 60s and she is currently a distinguished professor of English at Virginia Tech.

Nikki is universally admired for her honesty and vigor, is acknowledged as being a poet of both individual and shared growth. Nikki G: A Portrait of Nikki Giovanni in Her Own Words brings a glimpse into how the poet lives as a poet. Also as an influential force in the verbal poetry movement within Afro- American culture, Giovanni’s words are pure theater.

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iUniverse congratulates Julia Ibbotson for winning the 2012 London Book Festival

iUniverse author Julia Ibbotson has just won the prestigious 2012 London Book Festival Biography prize for her excellent memoir, “The Old Rectory: Escape to a Country Kitchen.” This book is a complete departure from the first book that Julia self-published with iUniverse, this being the academically acclaimed “Talking the Walk: Should CEOs Think More about Sex?”, which Julia wrote in her professional capacity as Dr Julia Helene Ibbotson PhD, FHEA, renowned academic, researcher and writer.

This book takes an in depth view of the reasons why professional women are not achieving the success they desire and suggests ways that the situation can be changed. Evidence in this book looks at the possibility that there are gender differences in the way men and women managers talk in the workplace, which have the effect of undermining women’s chances of promotion to higher leadership positions. In other words, do women “talk the walk”? And should CEOs think more carefully about the gender balance of their management and leadership teams so that they can create more effective working groups fit for the economic issues of the twenty first century?

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