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News, News, News! iUniverse Author Hits the Headlines

Here at iUniverse Blog we just love our authors to be successful, especially those who have contributed to the blog, so we just want to share with you the great news about one of our fantastic community of authors, J.L. Witterick. Also we just want to say we told you first here back in May that this book was going places.

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iUniverse author scoops the Florida prizes

iUniverse Publishing back in July published a great series of blog posts from the husband and wife team of authors, Jim and Brenda Hodge. Already award winners with their book, The Legend of Anne Southern, Jim and Brenda have now gone on to win two more coveted awards at the Florida Writers Association Conference.

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Dad Publishes with iUniverse to Obtain Justice

iUniverse Blog now takes a look at the man behind these kind words and the heartbreaking cause that lies behind the book.

Parents who fought 8 years for justice for their late daughter tell their story

iUniverse author Charles W Pearce

iUniverse author Charles W Pearce with his book

“I think Kirsty would have been proud of me”.

Those are the words of Chas Pearce, who has just published a book about his 17-year-old daughter who died at Basildon Hospital after a series of failings.

The devoted father, who lives in Pitsea, has spent eight years fighting for justice for Kirsty, who died in 2003.

The book, from iUniverse Publishing called Kirsty: A Father’s Fight for Justice, goes into depth about Chas and wife Peggy’s battle to get the doctors who looked after Kirsty on that fateful night to admit they did things wrong.

Kirsty, who had learning difficulties, died after doctors failed to realise the seriousness of her condition, and did not send her to the intensive care unit until it was too late.

In November last year an inquest finally took place and concluded failings in the care Kirsty received contributed to her death. Mr Pearce said:

“At first, the book just started as something for family and friends, so everyone would know what we had been through. But the story has got bigger and lots of people have become interested and want to know what happened to Kirsty.

It is a real relief to see the book in published form. Peggy and I are very pleased to have got to this point. We have used our favourite picture of Kirsty on the front cover of the book and I think she would have been really proud. She would have said ‘you kicked butt dad’.”

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iUniverse Tips on How To Market Your Books – Part 4

iUniverse gives you more guidelines to boost your your book sales.

Doing Radio Interviews

Book MarketingDoing radio interviews about your book can attract people’s attention and generate interest. It’s an easy, cost- effective way to advertise your book(s). As most radio interviews are held over the phone or by using Skype, you don’t need to worry about gas, travel time or your attire.

Radio interviews can last anywhere from ten minutes to an hour, and they give you the opportunity to connect with the audience. It’s customary for talk radio shows to open the phone lines and allow calls from the public during or after the interview. Showing genuine interest in the callers and telling a story or two can make the audience feel as if they really know you.

You can prepare for the interview by sending the host questions you would like him or her to ask you. This is also a common practice. You should present yourself as an expert on the topic of your book. If you aren’t an expert, fake it. It’s likely that no one will know the difference.

Talk show hosts often promote upcoming interviews by advertising them online and talking about them on their shows. Some of them will create a link from their website to yours, and this is all free advertisement.

You and/or the talk show host can also offer free giveaways of your book to the first five or ten callers. This is a low-cost method of promoting your book too.

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iUniverse Tips on How To Market Your Books – Part 3

Here’s another installment of iUniverse tips on how to market your books.

Offering e-books online and doing book signings

There are many ways to get low-cost publicity for your book. In this article, we will present tips on offering e-books online and doing book signings.

Book MarketingBenefits of offering e-books online

There are a number of benefits to offering e-books online. People are spending more time with a computer and less time reading actual books these days, so offering your book in e-book form can attract more readers.

People can find anything they are looking for in an e-book very quickly because they are searchable. They are also portable, so people can easily carry lots of books around with them.

People can adjust the fonts on e-books, so the elderly can read them despite vision impairments, and e-books are available online at any time which is a definite benefit to the homebound who can’t make trips to the library or the bookstore conveniently.

You can update your e-book, correct mistakes and add or delete information easily.

Posting your book online in e-book format can make it more attractive and much easier to access which, in turn, can boost sales.

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