iUniverse Advice: Your Tribe Awaits at Amazon

iUniverse | How to Find your TribeiUniverse advises that in self-publishing, the key word is self. An indie author can’t afford to simply publish a book, kick back, and wait for the world to take notice. Like tribes in the deep jungle untouched by the outside world, your fans await, but they must be found.

Like an intrepid anthropologist, you must conduct extensive research before you amble into the world wide jungle. You want to meet the friendly natives, whose language you know, not the head hunters with whom you share no common ground.

Book marketing guru Seth Godin explains that 1000 true fans will keep you in business much longer than 10,000 fair weather fans. These he refers to as your tribe.

Think Like a Tracker

To find your tribe you must think like one. Successful trackers don’t stagger aimlessly around in the woods armed to the teeth. They know where the quarry is likely to be and they go there and wait.

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