iUniverse Tips on How To Market Your Books – Part 4

iUniverse gives you more guidelines to boost your your book sales.

Doing Radio Interviews

Book MarketingDoing radio interviews about your book can attract people’s attention and generate interest. It’s an easy, cost- effective way to advertise your book(s). As most radio interviews are held over the phone or by using Skype, you don’t need to worry about gas, travel time or your attire.

Radio interviews can last anywhere from ten minutes to an hour, and they give you the opportunity to connect with the audience. It’s customary for talk radio shows to open the phone lines and allow calls from the public during or after the interview. Showing genuine interest in the callers and telling a story or two can make the audience feel as if they really know you.

You can prepare for the interview by sending the host questions you would like him or her to ask you. This is also a common practice. You should present yourself as an expert on the topic of your book. If you aren’t an expert, fake it. It’s likely that no one will know the difference.

Talk show hosts often promote upcoming interviews by advertising them online and talking about them on their shows. Some of them will create a link from their website to yours, and this is all free advertisement.

You and/or the talk show host can also offer free giveaways of your book to the first five or ten callers. This is a low-cost method of promoting your book too.

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