iUniverse Publishing Book Marketing Tips – Part 1

iUniverse Book Marketing

iUniverse Book Marketing

Ok. You’re planning to self-publish a book with iUniverse. Have you given any consideration as to how you are going to market it?

Many authors think it is the job of the publisher to market their book, which is definitely not the case with self-publishers. Thus, they do nothing to promote or market their book, and they end up being depressed about it or getting angry with the publisher.

As an iUniverse published author, it is your job to market your own book, but we can help. Here are several ideas on how to promote a book.

Create your own Author website

Lots of authors have an online presence, which includes websites, blogs and social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. The internet is an incredible tool which offers many marketing opportunities.

Build an author website to promote your book(s). People are always surfing the internet for free entertainment and information, so post a chapter or two of your book on your website to pique their interest. Also include advice and tips about writing and create links to sites that sell your book and links to other writing websites.

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