iUniverse: Screenwriting Contests & Competitions 2012-13 Part 2

In iUniverse presents Screenwriting Contests & Competitions in 2012 and 2013 – Part 1, iUniverse encouraged you to enter several screen writing contests, including Blue Cat Screenplay Competition and American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest. In this article, we will present a few more contests.

iUniverse presents the Big Break Screenwriting Contest

iUniverse presents the Big Break Screenwriting Contest

Big Break Screenwriting Contest – $15,000 Cash Prize

This event was established by Final Draft Inc. to help struggling screenplay writers get their careers going. The first place winner receives a cash prize of $15,000, the second place winner receives $4,000, and third place receives $2,000, and additional prizes are also awarded to other finalists. The top three contestants are flown to Los Angeles to meet Hollywood producers, directors and agents in order to negotiate film production contracts and film options.

To enter this contest, you must submit a script in any genre between 80 and 120 pages in English. Every year, the early deadline is March 1, the standard target date is June 1, and the final cutoff is June 15. The entry fees are $40 for the early deadline, $50 for the standard target date and $65 for the cut-off date.

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