iUniverse: Screenwriting Contests & Competitions 2012-13 Part 1

iUniverse knows that many screenplay writers got their start by entering screenplay writing contests or competitions, many of which offer large cash prizes and Hollywood representation. You can do it too. Winning one of these contests can help you get started as a professional screenwriter. iUniverse Publishing presents the following screenplay writing competitions which are all directly sponsored by film production companies, Hollywood agents and executives, national film festivals and film producers and directors.

This competition offers a $10,000 prize for the best screenplay in any genre. In addition to this prize, Blue Cat Screenplay Competition also awards four finalists a cash prize of $2,000. The Cordelia Prize is awarded to the best screenwriter residing in the UK who will receive $1,000. Finally, the Joplin Award is given to the best screenplay by a screenwriter in the US, Canada or the UK who will also receive $1,000.

Everyone who submits a script to this contest will receive two written critiques by professional screenplay readers which will provide you with valuable feedback. Past winners and finalists have gone on to have their scripts turned into movies by such prestigious film production studios as Warner Bros., Paramount and Universal.

To enter, you must submit a screenplay between 75 and 125 pages in English. Every year, the early deadline is June 15, the regular deadline is October 15, and the closing date is November 15. The entry fees are $55 and $60 for the early deadline, $65 for the regular deadline, and $70 for the cut-off date.

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