iUniverse Publishing presents How to Write a Book to Advise

iUniverse: How to write to advise

iUniverse: How to write to advise

iUniverse knows that when you are writing an article or a book to advise someone, you need to provide interesting and informative advice on a specific topic that is aimed at a target audience. You really need to think about who you’re writing for and tailor your solutions towards them.

Keep your language formal but polite. Avoid slang, abbreviations, personal pronouns like “I”, and personal opinions. Readers are more likely to take your advice if you state it as a recommendation, rather than as an opinion.

iUniverse Suggestions on the Style of Advice Articles and Books

Make sure that your heading and sub-headings are catchy and interesting. The first sentence of the main body of your article needs a hook too.

Give readers good reasons to follow your advice. It helps to use modal auxiliary verbs, e.g. If you could… Someone else wouldIt also helps to use the personal pronoun “you”. It makes readers feel like you are putting them and their feelings first.

Your advice should be clear and easy to understand. Use simple vocabulary and short sentences and paragraphs. Use sub-headings (in bold) and bullet points if you are giving the reader many reasons or several pieces of information.

When writing to advise, remember that your readers are depending on you, as an authority on the subject, to encourage and give them confidence. Never be negative. State your advice in a positive manner. Instead of saying You shouldn’t, say You should.

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