iUniverse on How To Have Reviewers Begging to Blog Your Book

iUniverse: Blog Your Book

iUniverse: Blog Your Book

iUniverse Writer’s Tips offers you this step-by-step guide to approaching book bloggers for reviews.

Getting your book reviewed is a good way to gain exposure for your work. This article focuses on how to successfully solicit book reviews from bloggers. There are many popular and influential blogs which review independent authors, and are always excited to find and introduce a fresh new literary talent to their audience.

The first thing is to find blogs which review books. A valuable resource for this process is Futurebook’s extensive book blogger listing. Another strategy is look for recently released traditionally published books similar to yours. Then using your favorite search engine find reviews plus book names. Create a spreadsheet to keep track of useful blog sites and avoid sending the request twice.

Shun the temptation to draw up a template email to mass send to all blog sites. Put in the time to find the best blogs which will pay off big later. To effectively request a review you need to be familiar with the site. What topics are the administrator, the contributors, and the readers are most interested in?

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