10 iUniverse Tips on How to Spread the Word about Your Book

Self-published AuthorsSo, you’ve written your book and had it published. What should you do next? iUniverse Self-publishing offers 10 ideas to help you market and sell your book.

Tip #1 – Create your own website and open social media accounts to promote your book. Link these accounts to each other and to other websites, blogs and social media sites concerned with reading or writing.

Tip #2 – Contact your local bookstores and suggest they offer discounts on self-published books. Take your book and offer it to them at a discount. You can also sell your book on online bookstores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Tip #3 – Create a 60-second book video trailer and post it on video-sharing and social media sites like YouTube and Facebook.

Tip #4 – Send a press release about your self-published book and any upcoming events such as book signings, interviews, etc. you have planned to local newspaper, radio and television news outlets.

Tip #5 – Contact your local libraries and suggest that they offer self-published titles, including yours. Leave a free copy with them if they are agreeable to this.

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