iUniverse book proves a real life saver

iUniverse Blog has recently been complimenting many of our authors on their various successes, be it winning awards, being signed by a mainstream publisher, having their books turned into movies or even becoming bestsellers. Now we have a book that has really achieved the single-minded goal that it was written and self-published for; an out-and-out true winner in every sense. The purpose of this book was to change the law, and in doing so, save lives and stop people suffering needlessly.

iUniverse Deadly Powder on Medical GlovesThe book is Deadly Powder on Medical Gloves; A Wake-Up Call to the Food and Drug Administration, by Richard F. Edlich MD. PHD (with Julie A. Garrison BS and Heather N. Smith), who said:

“When medical/surgical gloves were devised, the manufacturer had to provide a powder on the glove surface that enhanced the donning the glove before use. During the last decade, a wide variety of glove coating surfaces have been developed to eliminate the need of the deadly powder on glove surfaces. Scientific studies have documented that the deadly powder on gloves increases wound infection, causes adhesions that can compress the bowels, and spreads tumor cells throughout the cavity. Our book was written to convince all health care professionals to use only powder free gloves.

Click here to read the full article


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