An iUniverse author on self-publishing

iUniverse Howard RootiUniverse Blog recently contacted a debut author and advertising professional, Howard Root, on the publication of his historical novel, Among the Mohegans; and asked his views on iUniverse and self-publishing. His response brought to mind a quote from legendary ad-man, David Ogilvy.

“The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife”

Here is what Howard said:-

On the Inside Looking Out

An Advertising Professional’s Look at Self-Publishing

As an advertising and editing professional, albeit now a retired one after almost forty years of “mixing it up” with clients, I thought I had a good handle on creative writing and the techniques to make to make the writing appealing to specific audiences. I thought I had an “edge” in creating my humble novel because I understood what it took to write engagingly—in other words, I was on the “inside of this publishing business looking out” at my target audiences.

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