iUniverse author John C. Woodcock’s insights on writing: Part 12

In this concluding article, iUniverse author John C. Woodcock brings all of his thought processes together that led him to the writing genre of his new book.

iUniverse UR-imageUR-image, thus belongs to the “genre” of writing that springs from, and expresses, the burrowing spirit as it makes its way into actuality through the psychological “wounds” of individual human beings. Where I had once been terrified in writing this way, I am now more curious, and thus, it seems, the demand has become gentler, less invasive, but still insistent.

The logical structure of the story is that of four possible futures intersecting and informing the Present, shaping it and, finally, becoming the actual future of four young adventurers, but in ways that none of them could have predicted.

Finally, before we enter the story, I must offer some evidence of congruence between the content of the story that will soon unfold for you, the reader, and the way it came into being. This is not a story about such breakdowns in fundamental categories, as endured by other people. It is a story that emerged from my own participation in a possible future, i.e., the burrowing spirit. So, its completion has become my actual future, although as I say, I could not predict or plan this outcome.

This is how it came about.”

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