iUniverse author John C. Woodcock’s insights on writing: Part 11

In his previous article, iUniverse author John C. Woodcock mentioned his notion of the “burrowing spirit”, today he puts that into the context of his latest book, UR-image.

iUniverse The Imperative“The impersonal nature of the burrowing spirit was brought home to me by a dream I had many years ago. In this dream:

I am on a winding road in the country. I see a young woman throwing a boomerang in a field and it comes my way. I pick it up and throw it. This attracts her and she comes my way and joins me. We go by some animals and see a calf split off from the herd, alone and bleating for its mother. It is near a snake. The cobra rears up and it is golden and climbs easily onto the calf’s back. The calf can barely take the weight and can do no more than try not to collapse.

This dream frightened me.

The snake, as the burrowing spirit, when it enters the world, must rest on a foundation (serpent wrapped around the world, or egg, on a turtle’s back, tree etc.). But these animal aspects, as psychological realities, are today the most undeveloped aspects of the consciousness that gives rise to our modern Western culture. D. H. Lawrence is one modern writer who saw this issue but could offer only a literalized solution to it. He was not able to see it as a psychological problem involving the deepest levels of our modern consciousness.

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