iUniverse talks with the authors of The Legend of Anne Southern 4

iUniverse The Legend of Anne SouthernNext Generation Indie AwardsBe sure to check out the earlier installments of this riveting iUniverse Blog series about the self-publishing of the award winning iUniverse title, The Legend of Anne Southern by J Rivers Hodge, and now let’s find out more from the Hodges in this fourth and final episode.

iUniverse now asks what’s next?

“We’re excited about publishing the next novel in the series, The Legend of Joe Edge. The story seamlessly transitions from Anne to Joe and his coming-of-age saga in the wilderness of Florida following the Civil War.

Here’s a little about Joe’s story:

Joe’s father, Buck, lost his right arm in the war, so it’s up to Joe to take care of his family. It’s a struggle for a young man–dealing with a man-eating tiger, a killer hog, and several vicious murderers. And, there’s the young, glamorous, and intelligent, Sparky Topp, who is away in Philadelphia as Joe dallies with lithesome Grissett Able.

When Anne’s trail grows cold, Allen Southern finds his son, Sammy, and settles in Newnansville, Florida. He marries a rich widow, Rachel Richman, and runs her plantation. Pop shows up as a taxidermist and causes quite a stink.

Henry, Joe’s younger brother, is involved with a neighbor’s wife, and nothing good will come of that situation. The citizens of Sara Sota are up in arms over a land-grab attempt by Charles Able, a prominent citizen. Able’s life is threatened during a public meeting.

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