iUniverse author Timothy Jay Smith

iUniverse Publishing asked Rising Star author Timothy Jay Smith to contribute a follow-up to the Kirkus Review of his novel, “Cooper’s Promise”, that we first covered in the blog back last December. Now Timothy has very kindly got back to us; and wow has he in this two part post.

Book publishing – the traditional way

iUniverse Timothy Jay Smith

iUniverse Rising Star author Timothy Jay Smith

“I became a full-time writer nearly fifteen years ago. It took me a couple of years to complete my first novel. By then, the publishing industry was already in an upheaval over the rapidly mounting threat of e-retailers. Buy-outs and mergers were an effort to build a cost-competitive fortress against them. In other words, the industry was hunkering down and taking no risks.

The former President of the Book of the Month Club ‘discovered’ my novel and passed me along to one of New York’s leading boutique agencies. My new agent sent out my manuscript on a Thursday afternoon, and the first call she received on Monday morning was a leading publisher saying she loved the book. “Let’s get together and talk numbers,” she suggested, until three days later, she called back to say that the publishing house had been acquired by an even bigger publisher, and it had fallen off the new publisher’s list.

No other offers came in.

My agent told me not to worry, it was a good book, it would eventually sell. Just keep writing.

It wasn’t a good book—not that draft—but I did keep writing.”

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