iUniverse author Dr. Frederick D. Mondin

iUniverse Dr. Frederick D. Mordin

    Award winning iUniverse author Dr. Frederick D. Mondin


iUniverse author Dr. Frederick D. Mondin takes us through his writing and self-publishing experiences, culminating with him having an award winner on his hands.

“iUniverse “Erotic Marriage” sub titled “Break Free From the Negative Sexual Script and Improve the Sexual and Emotional Quality of Your Relationship” is a book that I had no idea how to write. After having taught Human Sexuality at Boise State University for almost thirty years and counseling couples for almost forty, I had the research data and the clinical information for a book. Feedback from my students made it clear that although they were having sex, they had problems with guilt, shame, inhibition, and sexual ignorance. The many couples I have counseled also had some of the same problems with shame, guilt, fear, and ignorance. The males struggled with frustration and the females with having sexual desire, having orgasms, even talking openly about the subject with their partners. I had a lot of information but little knowledge about how you write a book.”

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