iUniverse Rising Star Author Lisa K. Drucker Part 6

In this excellent how to create a book series of posts from iUniverse blog guest author, Lisa K. Drucker, we have looked at the writing process, characterization, establishing character(s) points of view, setting the scene and use of dialogue, now in this final blog post iUniverse rising star awardLisa tells all about her mechanisms for writing.

Creating a Book-The Mechanics of Writing

iUniverse Book Writing

Everyone’s writing method is different. I write a full first draft, not worrying about grammar, punctuation, etc. “Not worrying” is a relative description, because I’m also an editor, so I do correct mistakes I make as I notice them—I just can’t help it! The point here is that the purpose of the first draft is story flow, not writing mechanics. Rewriting phases address mechanical errors in writing.

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