iUniverse Rising Star Author Lisa K. Drucker Part 5

iUniverse blog moves the book creation blog series, from Rising Star self-published author, Lisa K. Druker, onto creating meaningful dialogue in novels. In this post Lisa discusses how, when and where in a novel good dialogue is relevant and enhances your story.

Creating a Book – Dialogue

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“Always get to the dialogue as soon as possible. I always feel the thing to go for is speed. Nothing puts the reader off more than a big slab of prose at the start.”
― P.G. Wodehouse

“Creating dialogue that rings true is another essential aspect to writing a novel. After you’ve mastered character development, point of view and setting, start to think about dialogue. The most important thing about dialogue is that it has to sound “real”. That sounds easier to achieve than it actually is. This is one part of storycraft that is not just about writing; it’s also about listening.

That’s right: In order to write good dialogue you have to be a good listener. You have to capture the rhythm of people’s speech so that the dialogue sounds like a conversation to the reader. This is hard to teach and hard to learn, and the only way to get it right is to just write a lot of dialogue. Even if it’s “bad”! Really, you have to learn how to be a discreet yet effective eavesdropper. My training came from riding the New York City subway system, but anywhere that you can believably pretend that you’re not listening to people’s conversations and yet hear every word will help you immeasurably.

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