iUniverse Rising Star Author Frances Schmidt

iUniverse Getting Hired

iUniverse “Getting Hired” from award winning author, Frances Schmidt

iUniverse rising star awardiUniverse Rising Star author, Frances Schmidt has won the Shortcut Blogging Award for the Best Business Book of the Year from the 2012 Readers Views Literary Awards for her book, “Getting Hired: Handbook for College Graduates.”

Plus, notwithstanding this prestigious award, Blog Critics have given the book an excellent review. See below:-

Blog Critics logo“Book Review: Getting Hired: Handbook for College Graduates by Frances R. Schmidt

Looking for a job is always hard work. Looking for your first job is downright scary, and even more so in the current economic situation. While college gives you many skills for the position you will eventually hold, in my experience it really does not prepare you for the process of looking for that position, and successfully applying for it.

Getting Hired: Handbook for College Graduates by Frances R. Schmidt, is a great and very relevant resource for all of those young people, who are new to the process of searching for a job.

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