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iUniverse David Perlstein

iUniverse author and guest blogger, David Perlstein

iUniverse blog welcomes back guest blogger and Kirkus Reviews Top 25 Indie Books author of 2012, David Perlstein.

“The pressure to sell experienced by traditional publishing can distort a writer’s integrity. I don’t suggest that every publisher in New York always seeks to amp up titillation to move books. But agents and editors face bottom-line pressures, as do working writers. If a vapid story with vapid characters written in vapid prose has an audience, its author will find a home. Conversely, if agents and editors fear that a well-written book won’t find an audience, they’re not likely to offer a contract.

What’s a writer to do? Distribution via print-on-demand or downloading offers welcome opportunities to maintain control. But it also demands responsibility. An independently published book is just as real as one published traditionally. The process does not excuse a writer from producing anything other than his or her best.

Read more: iUniverse  David Perlstein and Kirkus Reviews Top 25 Indie Books of 2012


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