Operation Tiger

G. L. Eaves, iUniverse published author of “Operation Tiger”, says this about his book in the overview in the iUniverse Bookstore:

“Aaron Haberman is having the best day of his life. After his sixth-grade teacher assigns his crush Kristin Kramer to his project group, he can hardly believe his luck. This is the moment he has been waiting for since fourth grade. Unfortunately, he has no clue how to even talk to her. Aaron is a regular kid who likes basketball, goofing around with friends, and avoiding homework, but the idea of approaching Kristin, a cute and competitive soccer player, is scary—like trying to play a video game without any thumbs. All Aaron needs now is a good plan. Everyone is ready and willing to step in and give him advice—whether he asks for it or not—and it is not long before Aaron’s attempts to win Kristin’s heart are unexpectedly halted by outside forces. As Aaron experiences one hilarious disaster after another, he is about to discover that being a secret admirer a lot harder than he ever could have imagined.”

“Operation Tiger” received four stars from the Clarion Review. This has earned it a place in the iUniverse Book Reviews website. “Operation Tiger” is available at the iUniverse Bookstore.

Read more: iUniverse Book Review: Operation Tiger

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