iUniverse list of English words borrowed from the Yiddish language

English Words borrowed from YiddishThere are many words in English which have been borrowed from the Yiddish language. In fact, the Yiddish language has had quite an influence on English.

Yiddish developed in the German Rhineland in the 10th century as a fusion of Hebrew, Aramaic and German. iUniverse Publishing offers the following list of a few Yiddish-derived English words.

bagel – a doughnut-shaped bread roll made by boiling then baking the dough

blintz – a sweet cheese-filled crepe

bupkis (also bupkes, bupkus, bubkis, bubkes) – emphatically nothing, as in That ain’t worth bupkis.

chutzpah – nerve, guts, daring, audacity, effrontery

glitch – a minor malfunction

klutz – clumsy person

kosher – correct according to Jewish law, normally used in reference to Jewish dietary laws

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