iUniverse teaches on How To Avoid Simple Grammar Gaffes

GrammarTechnology has improved the lives of writers in general. This has had a great impact on indie authors and their ability to self-publish. Writing-related computer applications have eased editing and text reproduction, but have also engendered a false sense of grammatical security.

Since the introduction of word processors and spell-checking programs, the need for relentlessly referencing Merriam-Webster and committing to rote memory spelling and grammar conventions has been drastically reduced.

But in this environment an author has to be extra careful not to make common errors that the spell-checker cannot identify. Or conversely, being green-lined by the ghoulish jagged lines which signify grammatical negligence and being unequipped to determine if you or the computer are correct.

The iUniverse Writer’s Tips hopes you develop a keen eye for detail to avoid these grammar gaffes.



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