iUniverse Author Cathy Niska’s 20 Writing Principles

iUniverse author Cathy Niska“Lissa Manelli wakes up to a mother’s worst nightmare, waking up in the hospital to find out her baby has been kidnapped. To make matters worse, she has amnesia. At her bedside, two men – both claiming to be the father and the love of her life – are nothing but strangers to her. The one man she does recognize, her doting father, thinks that neither of the men are worthy of her. He tries his best to steer her another direction, but Lissa doesn’t know which way to turn.”

The intriguing opening to iUniverse author Cathy Niska’s debut novel, The Apple of His Eye. Today Niska kindly shares with the iUniverse Blog 20 writing principles she has learned from writing her first book and offers advice to aspiring authors planning to write their own stories.

iUniverse author Cathy Niska’s 20 writing tips to keep your readers coming back for more.


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