iUniverse Advice on How To Create a Bio for Every Occasion

How to create a bioYou are a writer, you wrote a book, and now you are agonizing over crafting a short piece to introduce yourself to your audience. Although it is challenging, it just a matter of being yourself and imagining who is your ideal reader, and how to interest them. Never fear. iUniverse Publishing is here to provide you with a dose of confidence and some sound advice to get you over the hurdle.

Your bio has the difficult job of being short, revealing important information about you, being interesting and sounding professional at the same time. A helpful first exerciseto start pen to paper or finger to keyboard, is to write down a list of all the things you think might work.

Mention your spouse,children, dog, awards,day job, hometown, inspiration, writer’s awards, your affinity for epicurean caffeine sources, and other things you have published, anything that comes to mind. Craft this in first person. This will be the biography on your blog or website.

Defiantly have a look at what other authors in your genre used for their biographies. Take a look at their Twitter page, Amazon Author Central page, blog, and official website. Use this as a guide for tone, format, and style.

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