iUniverse Publishing’s How-To Guide on Mastering the Metaphor

Mastering the MetaphorThe Greek philosopher Aristotle once said “The greatest thing by far is to be a master of metaphor.” 2500 years later and he is still right.

Used correctly, a metaphor can breathe life into your writing. Metaphors are a great way of providing emphasis, clarity, and freshness to your work.

But be warned. Getting it wrong can lead to a writing disaster. So iUniverse Publishing has thoughtfully put together this quick-start guide to mastering the metaphor.

What is a metaphor? What is a simile?

Simply stated, a metaphor is a comparison between two or more unrelated objects. By understanding one object we get a clearer picture of how the other is. Similes operate in a similar way.

Here is a basic example of a Mastering the Metaphor in action.


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