Michelle Proulx wins January 2013 iUniverse Footnotes Challenge

iUniverse is pleased to announce the winner of the January 2013 Footnotes Authors Challenge. The winner is Michelle Proulx, who in the judges opinions came up with the best entry to the challenge which was to tell us what the best book you read in 2012was, who the author is and why you liked it so much. Michelle entry was:-

“My favorite self-published book I read in 2012 was Acceptance by Keri Peardon. It had a fun new take on vampires that I’ve never encountered before, as well as an engaging main character and (as required for young adult books) a powerful, dreamy love interest. The settings were interesting, the villain delightfully evil, and the plot engaging. I would definitely recommend this novel.”

Michelle has just self-published her first book with iUniverse which is a fantasy sci-fi novel aimed at the Young Adult market, “Imminent Danger”.

Read more: Author of “Imminent Danger” by Michelle Proulx


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