iUniverse blog talks over lunch

iUniverse has discovered a connection today that is worth using to provide author advice. Today was the birthday of Christina Foyle, of the legendary bookshop Foyles, in 1911 and the final time in 1969 that The Beatles played together live on the roof of their Savile Row, London building.

What’s the connection?

Christina Foyle founded the famous Foyles Literary Luncheons. There were over 700 attended by all the great and good, Prince Philip, Lauren Bacall, Margaret Thatcher, TS Eliot, Sophie Tucker and Jilly Cooper to name but a few. Also John Lennon had his book, “In His Own Write”, out in 1964 and subsequently was invited as the guest of honor to a Foyles luncheon.

The lunch became legendary in that John claims to have been unaware he had to make a speech and so caused a furor by speaking for just four seconds saying:

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