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We’ve all had that magical experience before—the thrill and eager anticipation of opening a book, the captivating pull of the wonders and mysteries the pages can hold.

What if you could do the same for other people? What if you could spellbind readers with the tales you’ve conjured out of your creativity and passion for your craft? As the curtains of October slowly draw to a close, we at iUniverse want to spawn authors out of budding writers like you with these enchanting publishing, marketing, and bookselling treats.


Catch the Halloween spirit and cast a literary spell via your words and sentences. You don’t need incantations nor have to go through all the trouble of brewing a magical concoction. All you need are the right elements—and we’ve got them—to help you bewitch audiences far and wide. Turn your manuscript into an entrancing book with this publishing special:


No tricks up our sleeve—just a wonderful treat to help you achieve your publishing dreams. Purchase the most comprehensive package we have to offer, the Book Launch Premier Pro, and get a whopping 30% slashed off the original price!

Got another package in mind? Not a problem. Buy a package of your choice by month’s end and enjoy 25% discount.

Work toward getting your book noticed. With the right ads, you can slowly but surely gain the attention of your target readership. iUniverse throws in this additional perk to help you build the ideal platform for making your book known to the world:


Have your book’s ad splashed across the pages of industry-leading and high-profile publications. Promote your title with some of the most credible names and reach out to readers, whether national or global—at a fifth off.

Leave a spellbinding legacy. Call your Publishing Consultant today at 1-800-AUTHORS (288-4677) or send an e-mail to iuniverse.publishing@iuniverse.com.


Your manuscript is finally on its way to seeing print, but it isn’t the time to cackle with glee just yet. The success of your literary spell-casting depends on how powerful your spell is in the first place. Hence, the more compelling your marketing spell is, the greater the possibility you can propel your book into the hands of your desired readership. Work your way toward this with a magical marketing deal:


Let iUniverse craft a professionally written press release about your book and send it out to media outlets—at 20% less!

Concoct the ideal marketing strategy and sweep your readers off their feet. Contact your Marketing Consultant at 1-800-AUTHORS (288-4677) or send an e-mail to sales@iuniverse.com.


As an iUniverse author, you get to enjoy special deals when you purchase copies of your own book. Take advantage of this month’s spook-tacular bookselling treat:


When you purchase 35 copies or more by month’s end, you get an extra copy—absolutely free!

Hurry and share your title with as many fellow book lovers as you can! Call us today at 1-800-AUTHORS (288-4677) or send an e-mail to sales@iuniverse.com for more details.


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